Would You Pay $3.8M For My Virginity?

Yeah, I didn’t think so.

But that’s the current bid to deflower Natalie Dylan (not her real name), the 22-year-old San Diego resident who decided to sell her virginity.  (The money is going toward grad school, FYI.)  She has an interesting post up at the Daily Beast that addresses her decision, which was rooted in her women studies education as an undergrad. I feel like no one’s first time is ever that good – especially for women – and this is one hell of a way to make it memorable.  Plus, Ms. Dylan doesn’t have to sleep with the highest bidder: she has ultimate “say” and can choose a non-winning bidder to sleep with.  (I would bet that a lot of those top bids don’t pan-out anyway.) Although Ms. Dylan expresses discomfort with all the media attention, it’s been suggested that she wanted the media attention as a means to another end, like a book deal.  …Which she happens to have.  Lastly, it must be said that while lots has been said about how soulless Ms. Dylan is, virtually nothing has been said about the grown, adult men who are paying huge sums of money to fuck her for the first time.


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