Dating A Banker Anonymous

We all know that bankers are having a tough time these days with long-standing institutions folding like wet paper and the market behaving like a colicky infant. Thousands of people have already lost their jobs and thousands more are nervously fearing what seems inevitable.  But, have you ever thought about the women behind those men?  The ones that have to delay or cancel (gasp!) their Botox injections?  Or whose Hamptons vacations are cut short?  Or are no longer able to enjoy bottle service on their banker boyfriend’s credit card?

Yeah, me neither.

But they apparently exist, since the Times has written a complete article about them.  Start with the article but definitely move onto the real gem: their blog.  It’s allegedly tongue-in-cheek but I feel like they all come off as a bunch of entitled, vapid bitches.  Exhibit A:

Thanks to the recession, I now have a completely devoted BF, which is exactly what I wanted.  So I should be happy, right?  Wrong.  I’m bored and can’t stop thinking about my perpetually unattainable Euro ex-boyfriend who is recession proof courtesy of an offshore trust account.  To be honest, I’m only with my BF because I just don’t have the heart to change my facebook status from “in a relationship” to “I ain’t saying I’m a gold digger, but I ain’t messin’ with no broke banker.”

(I should probably disclose that I’ve always had a thing for a handsome clean-cut gentleman in a suit and that I may just be hating on the DABA girls because I hate anything that hangs off one of’s said gentleman’s arm unless it’s me.  Hey, at least I’m honest.)


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