So, Is *This* Inappropriate?!

I’ve always loved me some straight-on-straight man-handling and high school seniors Logan and Brandon are sashaying to the top of my list for this amazing performance as two naive men just trying to figure out what constitutes inappropriate grinding prior to the school’s next dance. Fortunately, their principal is a giant doormat.

From TruTV’s “The Principal’s Office:”

Ahh, the snarkiness of high school.


2 Responses to So, Is *This* Inappropriate?!

  1. Echo says:

    HAHHAHAHHAAHAH! “What if i was just bending over tying my shoe and he’s stretching behind me?” HAHAHAHAHAH

  2. The video certain hit a cord with me and not a very good one, in spite brainwashing the LGBT “community’ has adopted regarding our right’s and freedoms, there still is a plethora of intolerance and homophobia that has ingrained itself into contemporary society. Would an issue been made if it had been a heterosexual couple or two girls for that matter? Chances are unlikely. This situation cries out for profession help, perhaps someone should call Patrick Swayze or Kevin Bacon!?! But seriously, one must reflex upon where we thought we were as citizens of a greater whole, where we aught to be. I was very young when I came out, know of the reality that once existed and fought tooth and nail to change it. There are issues of contention still at hand that involve residual implications not visible to all. Change, as any great leader and think in history, knows and warns of the hasty bandage that merely covers the wound and the neoteric qualities of our society and culture does not make this exempt. It was and has always been my opinion that change cannot be legislated–the greatest folly, in my opinion regarding feminism, as one cannot legislate respect and understanding–especially in regards to the issue at, even religion for that matter. Sadly, I suppose there are those who like so many of us, years ago, danced our dance at home.
    Yours truly,
    Julien Francisco

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