New Music: Antony and The Johnsons [Updated]

Antony and company released an EP titled “Another World” in October in preparation of their LONG-awaited next full-length, “The Crying Light.”  Antony’s website summarizes “Another World” thusly (and I’m quoting here because it’s just too good to paraphrase):

“On “Another World”, Antony sings of a disappearing world. The EP also includes “Shake That Devil”. Part exorcism and part Shangri La, Antony calls out shape-shifting perpetrators and banishes them one by one. Two other songs, “Crackagen” and “Sing For Me” are pastoral and surreal. Finally the epic “Hope Mountain” closes the EP, an episodic narrative set after a flood; people gather on a mountain to witness the emergence of a luminous girl.”

God, he’s weird.

Anyway, here are two of the tracks from the EP; “Another World” will also appear on the LP.

Antony & The Johnsons – Another World

Antony & The Johnsons – Shake That Devil

The rest of the EP is available from iTunes.

The LP will officially drop on January 20.  If you can’t wait that long, however, you can head over to their website, where a pre-order of the physical disc will get you immediate access to the MP3s.

Finally, and because I can’t resist, here are two of my absolute favorite and utterly gorgeous Antony tracks: “I Fell In Love With A Dead Boy,” from the EP of the same name, and “If It Be Your Will,” a Leonard Cohen cover he performed during the 2005 “Came So Far For Beauty” tribute concert, as captured in the documentary “Leonard Cohen: I’m Your Man.”  (I’d recommend the whole soundtrack, save the awful Nick Cave tracks.)

Antony & The Johnsons – I Fell In Love With A Dead Boy

Antony – If It Be Your Will (Leonard Cohen Cover)

And the uttlery beautiful concert video of “If It Be Your Will:”


Update: New York magazine has a great interview with Antony about the new album, which the author calls “a lushly orchestrated evocation of an almost mythic personal loneliness.”


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  1. […] World” and a particularly beautiful track, “Epilepsy Is Dancing.” See my earlier post on Antony & The Johnsons for more downloads.  Read New York Magazine’s great interview […]

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