FoxNews: National Counterterrorism Center Calendar

The NCTC has released their 2009 calendar, “a 164-page daily planner” (um, yeah, I don’t get it either), featuring pictures of terrorism’s most wanted, including this cleaned-up and Westernized version of bin Laden (“Hey papi!”)

“The calendar, which is free to the public and distributed widely to national security staff, provides pictures of terrorist leaders and important dates in the history of terrorist movements. It even offers advice on how far away to run from bombs of different sizes.  […]

In addition to identifying Muslim, Christian and Jewish holidays, the calendar also notes anniversaries of deadly strikes, which are often used by terrorists for so-called “commemoration attacks” years afterward.”

You can view the calendar here but the site is running really slowly.  (It’s a government site, so the server’s probably operating on dial-up or some shit.  How do you expect to fight terrorism if you can’t even host a website?!?!)

womeninwaders09I’m not sure whom I’d rather stare at day after day: Osama bin Sexy or the classy dames from the 2009 Women In Waders calendar.

(And two little gripes: first, this article repeatedly spelled bin Laden’s name “Usama.”  Is that a new thing?  Second, the FoxNews homepage is a hot mess.  I know the websites of television stations/networks are usually kinda booty but I wouldn’t be surprised to see a banner ad for bargain-bin porn one of these days.)


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