Pastor Mark Driscoll: PILF

This weekend’s New York Times Magazine had a profile of Mark Driscoll, a pastor at the Seattle-based Mars Hill Church. Driscoll preaches Calvinism, which states that your soul’s destiny is pre-determined by God and it doesn’t matter what the fuck you do on Earth because you can’t have any impact on whether you’re going to Heaven or Hell. Oh, and women should be subservient. And, to make sure he’s pissed off everybody, he’s also very concerned that God and Jesus have become too “limp-wristed.” (Does that mean he knows about my plan to sell t-shirts printed with the line, “Jesus Was A Bottom?”)

Anyone that has seen Bill Maher’s “Religulous,” particularly the ending, knows how scary it is to think of a large group of people being indifferent to the consequences of the good or bad actions they take here on Earth.


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