Music Spotlight: Josh Ritter

Josh Ritter is one of those wonderful artists that I didn’t discover until he already had several albums out.  I love his folk-rock style of music, which has great lyrics and great emotion. I would recommend him to anyone, doubly so for fans of Bon Iver/Justin Vernon, Sufjan Stevens, and Okkervil River, although I think he is slightly more pop and accessible than any of those acts.  Josh is originally from Idaho and while he’s achieved moderate success in the US, he’s huge in Ireland  (Go figure.)  If you need proof, listen to the Irish crowd on the great live version of “Snow Is Gone,” below.

A lot of my favorite tracks are available on Josh’s website, so I’ll give you some favorites that aren’t:

Josh Ritter – Wings

Josh Ritter – Tonight You Belong to Me (w/ Blake Hazard)

Josh Ritter – Still Beating

Josh Ritter – Rumors

I also highly recommend all of the following tracks, available courtesy of Josh (direct downloads: right-click and save):

Josh Ritter – To The Dogs or Whoever

Josh Ritter – Girl In The War

Josh Ritter – Thin Blue Flame

Josh Ritter – Kathleen

Josh Ritter – Snow Is Gone (Live)

Josh Ritter – Me & Jiggs

Josh Ritter – Harrisburg

Josh Ritter – Leaves & Kings

Josh Ritter – Beautiful Night

Josh’s entire catalog is at Amazon.


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